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I'm Niketan Gulekar, a student, developer - web-developer for the most part.

I make beautiful and expressive Websites and Apps with Emerging Technologies. When not working or futzing around with code, I find myself gaming, and simultaneously possessing the world's worst sense of humor as well as taste in music.

This website is just an example of one of the things I can do. Don't judge me based on this, and my writing though, this is probably my shoddiest work, as of now atleast.

If you like what you see, or if you need to build an app or website, head over to the Contact Me section below and shoot me a DM, I would love to hear from you!





April 2022 - Present

SFC Transport

SFC Transport Private Limited

Lead Backend Developer Intern

Aug 2021 - Jan 2022 (6 months)


Web Development

Web Design and Development

HTML, SCSS, Javascript, Typescript

Frontend Javascript Frameworks

Frontend Javascript Frameworks

ReactJS, NextJS

Backend Javascript Frameworks

Backend Javascript Frameworks

Node.js, Express.js

Backend Development

Backend Development

Python - Flask, C#, PHP, .NET

Cross Platform Services

Cross Platform Services

Firebase, Supabase


Database Management Systems

MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle


Mobile App Development

React Native, Android Studio, Java

ML and AI

ML and AI

Darknet, YOLO

Devops and Deployment

Devops and Deployment

AWS, Docker, Heroku, Netlify, GCP

Other Languages

Other Languages

Python 3, C, C++, Java, BASH


Personal Projects


ASEAN-India Hackathon 2021

Finalist : 1-3 February 2021

Smart India Hackathon 2020

Winner : 1-3 August 2020

GCOEJ Hackathon 1.0

Winner : 4-5 March 2020


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Copyright 2022 Niketan Gulekar.

Licensed under MIT.

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